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We call it swarm intelligence

LOC plc is a leading advisory company in the field of foreign direct investment promotion (FDI promotion). We support the attraction for FDI by shaping investment promotion agencies, economic development agencies, industrial parks and special economic zones from all parts of the world in their marketing skills. We know how intensely locations compete to attract investment and how to position your brand. We can draw on our experience to help you increase your performance in attracting and maximizing the benefits of foreign direct investment to your location. We have worked with countries, regions, cities and private-sector organizations from around the world to develop and implement successful strategies and approaches for attracting foreign direct investments. LOC's primary objective is to help our clients improve results. We aim to be the foremost source of practical knowledge and advice for all aspects of FDI attraction and global investment promotion.

Remo Daguati has been working as independent consultant since 2016. The Swiss Federal Council has elected Remo Daguati to the Council for Spatial Planning for the term 2024 - 2027. He has been president of the Swiss Association for Ecomomic Promotion since March 2023. Since August 2023, he acts as a technical advisor for Swiss Circle, the largest real estate network in Switzerland. Next to his activities with LOC plc, Remo Daguati has been working as a lecturer since 2018 in the CAS Area and real estate project development from the University of Applied Sciences of Berne, and since 2022 he has also been a guest lecturer at the CAS Investment Promotion at the University of Applied Sciences of Nordwestern Switzerland (FHNW). Since summer 2020, he has been president of the non-profit housing foundation Russen which offers apartments in the two settlements Hof and Russen.

Before, he was until the beginning of 2016 a board member of Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), leading the worldwide investment promotion program of Switzerland (Invest in Switzerland). From 2007 to 2011, Remo Daguati was responsible as Head of the Office for the Economic Affairs for investment promotion in the Canton of St.Gallen. Previously, from 2004, he was responsible for location management in the Canton of St.Gallen (tourism, regional development, inventory maintenance, crisis interventions). Remo Daguati has two master's degrees in Public Management (University of St.Gallen HSG) and International Supply Chain Management (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich ETH). He speaks German, English and French. 

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Remo Daguati

Inspired for years,

locations to read,

to find out their peculiarities,

then develop them

to spice up their marketing,

and finally the associated strategies

to sharpen.

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After completing her apprenticeship as a pharmaceutical assistant, Tanja Daguati completed an apprenticeship in banking and worked in banking for over 10 years. She worked as a customer advisor at Raiffeisen Bank St.Gallen and in international customer service at Sydbank. From the summer of 2009, she swapped employment for time to look after her two children. Tanja Daguati has several years of experience in administrative support for sales consultants as well as in debt collection and accounting and has very good knowledge of all office programs. Tanja Daguati works 40% for LOC AG.

Tanya Daguati
Head of Office Services

These are lean processes

The be-all and end-all of good advice.

We have your back

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