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Remo Daguati, owner

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Sustainability at LOC plc

LOC plc has consistently focused on sustainability since its inception, and for good reason. Our sustainability program is a commitment to the careful use of all resources and thus an expression of our responsibility towards future generations and society. The following measures have been implemented:

  • Electricity generation through our own photovoltaic system (approx. 9,500 kWh/year)

  • Heat generation through our own geothermal probe (approx. 4,500 kWh/year)

  • Electrified vehicle fleet (plug-in hybrid/fully electric vehicles)

  • Recycling all devices, cardboard and paper etc.

  • Consistent separation of green waste

  • Use of motorized individual transport/public transport in combination with slow transport and trendy electric vehicles for the last mile

  • Large-scale waiver of sending letters, especially waiver of sending year-end cards

  • Data storage and backup in sustainable cloud services


We achieve our sustainability goals by implementing environmentally friendly technologies, using renewable energies and optimizing our mobility processes. We attach great importance to using resources efficiently and reducing waste wherever possible.


We are also actively involved in the community and promote social responsibility. This includes partnerships with local organizations, fundraising activities and supporting various educational projects through our teaching activities. A sustainable economy not only takes care of our resources, but also contributes to socially acceptable goals.


Transparency is another cornerstone of our sustainability program. We attach great importance to openly communicating about our progress and challenges. This not only enables continuous improvement, but also creates trust among our customers, employees and partners.


LOC plc does not see sustainability as a trend, but as a fundamental value that is anchored in every decision and action. We are proud to have celebrated sustained progress since 2016 and look forward to making further positive changes in the years to come.

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