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Network Location Switzerland - together into the future

The general meeting of Network Location Switzerland on March 21, 2024 was a milestone in the association's 26-year history: The members clearly agreed to a name change and thus a multilingual appearance and a redesign.

“With the new name, we express our self-image much better as an umbrella organization for location and economic development in all parts of the country,” says President Remo Daguati, pleased with the members’ clear decision. The new name is also trilingual: “Although we had the element 'Swiss' in our name since we were founded, we didn't really live by it,” says Daguati. With the name change, which is also accompanied by a redesign, the pan-Swiss orientation is now much better expressed: the logo not only shows the German association name, but also the French one - Réseau place économique suisse - and the Italian one - Rete piazza economica svizzera - visible. At first glance, the stylized Swiss cross also emphasizes the nationwide orientation of the umbrella organization.

Accordingly, the board of Network Location Switzerland has set itself the goal of recruiting additional members from the French- and Italian-speaking parts of the country. In addition, the board is to be expanded to include members from all parts of the country. The first preparatory work has already been done. All means of communication are now gradually being converted to the new design and all documents and the website are being translated into French and Italian.

Following the general meeting, the “Dialogue” conference took place in the Gleisarena in Zurich – already in the new look of the Swiss Network Location. The participants received valuable practical input on the topic of urban and area development. Bettina Furrer, Head of the City of Winterthur's Office for Urban Development, showed how integral urban development is carried out in the Eulachstadt. Caroline Forte, member of the board of directors and management of Bernapark AG, gave an exciting insight into the development of a former cardboard factory into a neighborhood for modern coexistence.

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