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LOC as a guest at MIPIM Cannes

Over 20,000 real estate professionals from 90 countries attended MIPIM in Cannes. The trade fair participants exchanged ideas intensively, made contacts and maintained partnerships.

LOC AG was present for the first time at the MIPIM - Marché international des professionels de l'immobilier - at what is probably the "most elite real estate trade fair in Europe". In addition to international contacts - especially with German federal states and projects from the Middle East as well as New Work locations (Portugal, Netherlands) - there were also meetings with Swiss industry representatives and specialist media.

Good atmosphere at the Swiss stands

There is a lot of activity at the Swiss stands, namely Swiss Circle and Horizon Léman . As is well known, this is where the scene meets for the annual “get together”, where new contacts are established or existing business relationships are maintained.

Europe demanded

The feel-good atmosphere at MIPIM has disappeared. Such as a statement from the L'Immo podcast . Last year was tough and the number of guests in Cannes fell significantly. Above all, the dynamism at the stands of the German federal states was visibly less - the discussions about the energy transition and military conflicts dampened market confidence. The heterogeneity of the market is palpable: exuberant parties by those who have a lot of money - the others stay away. New markets are blossoming, such as Poland or the Middle East with projects like NEOM .

Interest rate cuts are highly anticipated

The commercial properties and free-standing office spaces in particular were a big topic of conversation. At the same time, the European partners complained about the lack of housing and the low level of new construction activity. Hopes lie primarily in future interest rate cuts by central banks, which will free up projects that were shelved due to poorly assessed returns. At the same time, there are also voices warning that more innovations are now required, be it through innovative usage concepts or lean and cost-effective construction methods.

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