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Ecosystems: magic bullet for positioning locations?

Switzerland as a business location will in future be marketed worldwide via the “Health”, “Digital Worlds”, “Automation”, “Food” and “Finance” ecosystems. Technologies are becoming the trump card. What does this mean for the positioning of locations and the marketing of key properties? More on this at the SVSM's lunchtime talk at Switzerland's leading real estate trade fair, IMMO24, Thursday, January 18, 2024, 12:00 p.m.

Discussing: Remo Daguati, owner of LOC AG and president of SVSM Swiss Association for Location Management; Katharina Hopp, Asset Management and ESG Analyst Real Estate, AXA Investment Managers and Board Member SVSM; Lukas Huber, Deputy Managing Director and Executive Director China, Greater Zurich Area AG; Tino Margadant, CPO and member of the executive board, Mettler2Invest AG; Markus Müller, owner, Soulworxx GmbH and board member SVSM 

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