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Digital promotion - customer acquisition

Your challenge: Social media places demands on companies and organizations: a website is not enough, mailings fizzle out, advertisements in print media fizzle out. Customers are switching to new communication channels and commenting, giving ratings and using their power as buyers. Search engines such as Google and social media portals offer visibility - but increasingly only for a fee. Management and board members – mostly without “digital natives” in their ranks – are unsure whether strategies will continue to work in the future.


Our solution: LOC AG has several years of experience in multilingual social media marketing. New channels are linked to the classic sales points (advice, reception, trade fairs, events). Our wealth of experience can also be used in SMEs, in the real estate industry or in larger sales organizations.


To contact Contact us today to find out how we can help you optimize your sales channels quickly and pragmatically! We are happy to provide customer references (IT, real estate industry, media industry, recruiters, architecture + construction, energy promotion, M&A consulting, etc.) upon request.

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