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  • AutorenbildRemo Daguati, CEO LOC AG

MBA ETH SCM Success Story Making Switzerland more competitive

​Remo Daguati Head of Swiss Foreign Promotion, Member of the Executive Management Switzerland Global Enterprise Swiss MBA ETH SCM 2010 Alumni

Back to the future with cross-media marketing When you enter the bright, open foyer and are cheerfully offered an espresso by the reception you realize that this is not your typical municipal office. Welcome to Switzerland Global Enterprise. The walls covered with large screens that, at first glance, look like Bloomberg newsfeeds. Take a seat in the colourful lounge, and the tables turn out to be screens too, blooming with maps of the economic geography of Switzerland. Before we know it, we find themselves playing with the cool equipment, tapping and sweeping from one scenario to another: what are the averages rents in the neighbourhoods? Where do I pay the least tax? And even, where are the nearest ski slopes?

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